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UNB GLOBAL offers Affordable SEO Services in India, US, UK and Australia and has years of experience in the field of SEO Services starting with a strong and solid foundation in marketing continuing with up-to-date approach to search engine optimization. We can offer a full extensive range of SEO Services based solely on your business and the individual needs it requires. Our search engine optimization services are not rolled out exactly to every site we work with as we firmly believe that each website is like a finger print with its own unique DNA that we have to carefully look through and make the relevant changes needed. Search engine optimization service isn’t a science and yes it has a basic foundation but it is how you apply those techniques to each and every site that brings the success. Our aim is to achieve the same outstanding results we have achieved for ourselves and roll that out to our whole client base in the hope that using our affordable search engine optimization services will help us retain our client base for years to come. We have detailed some information in relation to the affordable seo services we have to offer and what you can expect from our company.

SEO is a collection of specific techniques that would be performed by a Search Engine Optimization Company or consultant. Search engine optimization is a method used for clients who desire high search engine rankings for their top search terms with the aim of attracting targeted traffic, with the goal of increasing their conversion rates and increasing revenue.

Website Optimization done correctly should enable the Search Engines to crawl your site easily identifying the most relevant keywords related to the content which is promoting the goods or services offered on the site. In order to have a successful campaign it is imperative to implement the correct SEO techniques in the correct areas on page to compliment the coding of each page and to ensure the pages are laid out correctly.

SEO should always be focused towards human visitors as this constitutes good quality traffic with a view to higher conversion rates. On page content should always be specific to the page, informative and relevant so that the spiders can score the page highly and rank you accordingly. The writing of relevant and unique quality content is probably the most important factor of search engine optimization, which will open the doors of your website to real visitors.

Our Affordable SEO Services India offers timely and quality services to its clients. We have been optimizing websites for a number of years now and have our own personal ideas about what makes SEO work and what is a load of tosh!

Bing Search Engine Optimization

OK, we now have the Bing search engine, so how do we optimize web pages for Bing? Well we wonder how much of a change is there from Live Search. Bing tells us there is a difference and to be honest there needs to be. With the original MSN search and with Live, if you purchase a domain full of hyphens you will rank high. What will be interesting is, will this change?

I initially feel that Bing search engine optimization will be the same as optimizing for MSN in the usual way. Why? Well if you go to the footer of www.Bing.com and click the ‘help’ link you get the help articles for Live Search! So has it changed?

Yes and no! I think it is still the same engine with a few tweaks, what make’s it different are the functions. Tucked away in the top right hand corner is the extra’s button, here you can search for articles from blogs, similar to Google’s blog search. Across the top to the left you can search for shops, images, news and maps. OK we have seen all these before. The feature I really like is the Bing xRank, a great tool for us Bing SEO people, when it has data that is, it tells us what are people really searching?

I guess now we shall have a plethora of companies offering Bing Internet marketing or Bing search engine marketing; will I join the band wagon? Come on, you are reading this are you not?

Will I change my Bing search engine optimization from what I did for Live Search? Well with such a small percentage of the overall market, I never optimized for Live Search, now though with Bing, I think people will like the look and therefore some will switch to it, so I guess my SEO plans will change and I need to start to optimize for Bing and therefore become a Bing search engine optimization company.

Principles of Search Engine Optimization

Your website is either an online brochure advertising your business to potential clients or a total ecommerce solution which is putting what could have once been a static shop on your local towns high street on to the world wide super highway. Where we come in to the equation is simple, if you have a fabulous shop somewhere in the back streets of Highlands Ranch and nobody knows it is there your business will suffer and more than likely close.

However if you were to transfer that business to Oxford Street in the heart of London you will thrive beyond belief. The reason is simple TRAFFIC; if the shop is receiving visitors you have a good chance that you will convert some of those visitors into sales.

Without the traffic there won’t be any sales, so in essence with all the best will in the world if your site is not optimized you won’t get the traffic unless you do other forms of high media advertising such as television or radio. Google currently have the largest ever market share for all online searches so this is where your focus should be and looking for the right search terms for your industry is where we will start the SEO campaign.

The first of my principles of Search Engine Optimization is to include Meta tags for the title, description and keywords. Many optimizers will rightly tell you that Google no longer uses the description and keyword tags; however Google only accounts for about 66% of world searches, so rather than leaving yourself blind to the other engines, just put them in.

Secondly do include alt image tags that include your sites title and whenever possible your keywords. Google can’t read an image, yet want to know what is occupying the space where the image is. So tell Google what it wants to know and that is that the sites images are related to pages they are on. Do write good content of at least 150 words, preferably more. It appears to be a fact that Google likes at least 125 words or more. I know that some sites rank high with very few words, however these sites are backed up by thousands of relevant links. Make sure your keywords do not make up more than 7% of your content otherwise Google will think you are spamming and your position in the search results will drop accordingly. Content, as the term suggests, is king, use it well and your site will benefit.

Do make sure that your keywords are placed throughout your content and not bunched up in just one area of the page. Try to make the terms fit into the text naturally. Forcing a keyword into a sentence can make it hard to read the sentence and with recent development in technology, Google will soon be able to tell when a sentence is not as it should be.

It is also important to bold your keywords, preferably just at the start and end of your text and not all the way through it. This tells Google that these words are important and need special attention.

Do make sure your site is linked to from related and clear sites, this is important as it shows Google you are an authority and any sites that link to you are in effect voting for you. Clear sites are those housed without sites such as gaming or adult sites, these can have an adverse effect on your ranking.

Keeping to these very basic principles of search engine optimization will give you some great results.

Meta Tags

Meta tags can be found by right clicking on any standard flat page that is not in flash and selecting from the drop down menu View source or View page source (on Firefox). It has long been a case for discussion that Meta data such as Meta keywords and descriptions are no longer important in the world of SEO, however this is completely false they are massively important to any website as this is where we can inform the search engine spiders of exactly what the page represents and what the end user is likely to find. When utilizing the Meta data it is highly important not to cut corners here as so many site builders do, having repetitive content throughout or content with just the odd tweak at the start of the data doesn’t constitute unique coding and would be better left out. It is important to remember that your website is part of you financial portfolio and with that in mind should be treated with the same respect you would your office building or you’re top of the range company car. Take care to put the effort in to the website metas and you will see the fruits of your labor for years to come.

Title Strings

Page titles can be viewed at the very top of the screen above the URL string and are one of the first areas the search engine spiders use to identify the product or service that page represents. It is important that we utilise this area to its fullest potential and ensure that this is the basis for what the page represents and the uniformity of the page should stem from this information. Quite often I see a company name in the page titles or even the website address which is such a waste of a page title as the spiders know this information and the end user should by the time the page loads. The strength given to the page titles stems mainly from the fact that even on flash sites you can code the title string which enables the big corporations who spend hundreds of thousands on AdWords to be able to have their sites crawled and possibly placed in the natural listings. We identify the importance given for this key area and use this to our advantage and like for ourselves it has worked time and again for our clients proving the theory that page titles are vastly important to a successful SEO campaign.


We have identified that headers in a web page can give strength to the page and offer prime locations to place the strongest search term relating to that page. With headers you would usually utilize the H1,H2 and multiple H3’s but again it is important that you don’t just upload them to any place on page as this will not always give you the best strength. Like anything in SEO there are techniques to all aspects and the same is said about headers, choose the header text 1st and then place them in the areas that best suit the search criteria you are targeting.

301 Redirects

A lot has been said over the years in relation to 301 redirects and the importance of them, there are also a vast amount of ways you can implement a 301 and each one giving you a different solution to a possible problem. One of the most effective 301 redirects are those placed on the site where anyone or anything crawling the web stumbles across your site without the 3w’s so an example may be example.com should automatically replace the 3w’s before it. This stops the search engines caching different URL’s with the same information on, commonly known as mirroring. 301 redirects also can be used to redirect from an old page that maybe has page rank and strength within the search engines to a new more relevant page thus transferring the strength and index history. This is also highly effective when trying to avoid broken links building up from the site which we know can down score us with the search engines. The thing to remember for any website is that each page is a link and should be treated as such.


You will have heard of backlinks and then no doubt you will have become either very confused or feel slightly misguided as there are so many theories on linking. What we would like to do is go back to basics and simplify the whole dynamic of backlinks. What are backlinks? Well that is simple backlinks are all links whether they be internal links or external links, whether they be one way or reciprocated. The thing to remember is that gone are the days where thousands of links are accepted as a positive way to the dizzy heights of position 1 on the search engines.

Yes it is true that in some cases certain search engines favor as many links as possible but Google who have the largest market share of searchers have identified that this is an unethical way of manipulating the search results. In the old days you could have a totally irrelevant site riding high because the owner of the site had a huge budget to buy in thousands of low end links. The tables are turning which is great news for the end users and excellent news for the businesses like yours and mine that want to develop a website to provide information, products or services to the end user that is actually relevant to the search. Although some external links are useful it is how we develop those links that determines whether the search engines give us credit for those links.

It is important to prepare pages that the links are placed and prepare the destination of the links to. The keyword analysis will identify the search terms and it is those search terms that we will use to link externally and internally so that the spiders will always find relevance for the links placed both internally and externally. Also it is important not to link from other sites that may share you ip address as this is frowned upon by the search engines.

I always refer back to how I used to explain linking and I would like to share that here too, external links will drive spiders in to your website whilst the internal linking will help keep the spiders in your site indexing the information you have to offer.

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