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Copywriting: Is simply writing add copy, promotional text or content to promote a product or service. The aim is to engage with the reader and compel or persuade them to buy a product or signup for a service.

A professional design is very important for a successful website, but it is only a part of the equation! Equally or even more important is the content writing based on search engine optimization (SEO) rules. Also, writing SEO articles to improve the popularity of the website has a capital importance. In order to get ranked on search engines and also achieve a good conversion rate of visitors into buyers, content writing needs to accomplish the following:

Furthermore, depending on specific requirements, we focus on SEO articles and content writing based on the newest search engine optimization (SEO) requirements and techniques, turning this process into THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of web development. That means, we write the content to attract the attention of search engines and obtain a high ranking for the most important key phrases – by far the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to a web site.

We offer a number of different copywriting services including:

Website Copywriting: The text within your website or your online add copy needs to engage your target market and inspire and compel your visitors if you are going to convert them to loyal customers of your business.

SEO Copywriting: Is also called search engine copywriting, its a technique of writing content so that it interests and compels your target while at the same time containing a level of keyphrases that ensure a high level of relevancy with the search engines to ensure organic or natural rankings

Writing Articles: Articles have a variety of uses. You can use them to promote your products or services, to create inbound links for your website, inform your customers of new services or product launches.

Newsletter Writing: Online newsletters or E-zines are another popular form of marketing and also a good method of engaging with your existing customers.

Press Releases: Can be a good method for product launches or short marketing campaigns, there is an abundance of niche news wires and news services online. in fact some of the main search engines have also included their own news channels in order to publish press releases and other newsworthy items.

SEO Content Writing Packages India:

SEO Article Writing Packages India: $8 for 300-400 Words, $10 for 400-500 Words

SEO Copywriting Packages India: $9 for 300-400 Words, $11 for 400-500 Words


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