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Expert Pay Per Click Marketing Advertising Management Company India


UNB GLOBAL’s expert PPC services are focused on setting up and managing your PPC campaigns to produce the best results possible at the most cost effective budgets. We set up and manage PPC campaigns in Google AdWords.

PPC (aka SEM) advertising is different than most other advertising medium in several ways. It starts with the medium – search engines. When someone types a keyword in a search engine, there are two types of results presented. The “organic” results are left justified. These are the results from pages which have been optimized and rank high for given keywords. The “sponsored” results appear in separate sections, usually at the very top and along the right side. They are clearly distinguished as “Sponsored” results.

PPC advertising is part art and part science. We focus much of our services on the science. We rely on our client’s input for the art. There are many best practices in PPC which need to be implemented to get great results and our PPC experts know them all.

PPC advertising can be very cost effective, but it can also be very costly if it’s not done properly. There are many nuances which need attention in PPC advertising.

There are several reasons PPC advertising has become so popular:

Control – you can control variables such as when you display your ads, when to pause your ads, where to display ads geographically, the budget you are willing to spend per day, and much more.

Targeted Traffic – you can limit your keywords so that only those searching for your specific products see your ads, e.g., software for construction. You can also set up many campaigns based on topics allowing you to advertise specific products or product segments, e.g., office furniture, office supplies, ink/toner, etc.

Branding – You can control brand promotion in search engines with premium rankings provided your budget allows you to support it.

Measurable – One of the most attractive attributes of PPC advertising is the ability to track results. Using tools such as Google Analytics and industry standard best practices, you can measure factors from the number of impressions to the number of landing page conversions, i.e., leads or sales produced by your ads.

Website Architecture Independent – Unlike SEO, PPC advertising is not dependent on the architecture of your website. The page you direct someone to from your PPC ad is a designated landing page linked to your ad.

Our PPC expert services can be a valuable resource to your web marketing strategy.

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