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Marketing ecommerce websites through SEO and Digital Marketing is very different from any other website which offers products or services because the interaction here is between the website and customer directly. There is No third party involved to convince the customer or handle their objections, it has to happen on the website itself and while the customer is on your website.
There are 2 broad categories of ecommerce website:
  1. Where customers search for the products come to your website and buy
  2. Where you have a unique product and you push the product in front of the customer through social media marketing or paid marketing, create a need and sell the product
In both the cases you need a high end digital marketing plan to promote your ecommerce website.
90% of ecommerce ventures fail because of 2 reasons
  1. Ecommerce Website owners think that launching the website is enough and people will come and buy products from them. They have no marketing plan
  2. Ecommerce Websites have a weak and outdated digital marketing plan
Why do you need SEO and Digital Marketing Plan for ecommerce websites?
There is money involved, ecommerce websites are made to earn money. In most of the cases a lot of money has already gone into product development, research, website design etc. If you dont market your website aggressively you will lose money in the long run.
The competition of the products and services is very high. Every day new ecommerce websites are going online to sell products which creates added pressure on existing websites to stay on top. They are also coming up with unique marketing strategies and promoting their ecommerce websites through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
Technology is evolving every day; visitor buying trend is changing every second. Only SEO or PPC is not enough to market your ecommerce store you need a complete digital marketing strategy to be successful.
What is the right way to promote ecommerce websites?
Lets first understand the different components of digital marketing for ecommerce websites. Your strategy needs to be a combination of all these.
Your website design should be very professional, easy to navigate without errors. The products should be displayed in such a manner that customers should find it very easy to buy products from it. What technology the website is developed in, is it fast enough, does it support large traffic and orders etc.
This is the most important and the utmost neglected part of promoting the ecommerce website. Website owners only strive to get rankings and more visitors to their website however they dont analyze what the visitor does when he lands on the website. How he came to the website, what was he looking for, what all pages did he surf and from which page did he leave the website. If someone was on your website why didnt he buy? What might be the reason he left and how to improve the website performance and increase conversion from existing traffic.
We recently did an analysis of an ecommerce website and saw 90 people added products to the cart however only 20 of them bought the product. When we tried to place a sample order we noticed that their shopping cart had issues. We also did analysis of their Google Analytics account and saw that customers were dropping off directly from shopping cart which justifies that customers had issues placing orders from shopping cart.
We have a complete section on our website which has details of the activities we execute to increase conversions: websites conversion rate optimization checklist
Increasing website conversion rate optimization increases the time each customer spends on the website which automatically increases our search engine ranking for your ecommerce store.
Attract customers through inbound marketing which is a combination of organic search engine optimization and blogging.
Ecommerce websites have multiple products and at times customers search products based on categories like: T-shirts, Formal Shirts, Casual Shoes etc. and at times by specific products like Levis Jeans, U.S. Polo T Shirts, IPhone 6s etc.
It is very important that the complete website, each and every product is optimized to rank high on search engines.
Whatever products and services you are selling, you just cannot ignore social media marketing. Social Media is where people are and that is where you need to put most of your marketing effort and money in.
Get listed on social media channels like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Send invites to your existing contacts to like your page and follow you. Your existing customers are the best people to get you started as their network will have people most likely to buy from you.
Create a database of the customers who had sent you an enquiry, subscribed to your newsletters, placed orders. Create beautiful email newsletters and keep in touch with them with the promotional offers and latest happenings. Dont let your old customers to forget you.
Create a budget for Paid Ads. You need to drive traffic to your website from new customers and as we said earlier put your money where people are most likely to buy from you. Run Ads on Facebook and Google and please test your landing pages and make sure the ads lead to the right landing page.
Dont ignore Google Remarketing which is showing relevant product ads to visitors who came to your ecommerce website and left without buying from you.

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