What is Twitter?

What is Twitter?

One of the most popular social media websites today is Twitter, an internet microblogging and social networking service that lets its user members to read and send text-based messages that are referred to as tweets and can contain up to 140 characters. Twitter was established in March of 2006 and launched four months later. Within months, it gained global popularity and as of June 2017, over 328 million individuals are actively using it.

Recent statistics show that Twitter is handling 1.6 billion search inquiries daily as well as generating nearly 500 million tweets per day and is now one of the 10 most used and visited websites on the internet today. Since its launch, it has been nicknamed the SMS of the internet. Even if users are not registered members, they are still able to read tweets while those who are registered can post SMS and tweets using the websites interface. There are also numerous Twitter apps that are available for numerous mobile devices.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Twitter Inc. also has additional offices and servers in the cities of Boston, New York City, and San Antonio. The Twitter concept originated in a brainstorming session that was conducted by the board members of the podcasting company Odeo and lasted throughout the day. Founder Jack Dorsey introduced Twitter as a way for individuals to use an SMS service for the purpose of communicating and interacting with smaller groups of people.

Twitter has numerous uses but one of the most significant is using it for marketing and public relations. To give you an idea of how effective it can be as part of a companys marketing strategy, consider the fact that it can be used in the following ways:

  • iconTo announce deals, promotions, sales, and specials

  • iconTo communicate and interact with bloggers and various media

  • iconTo get the CEO of a company involved with social media

  • iconTo inform your audience of live updates on conferences and events

  • iconTo monitor your brand name and company

  • iconTo promote blog articles, interesting news, webinars and more


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