What is 301 Redirect

What is 301 Redirect

A lot has been said over the years in relation to 301 redirects and the importance of them, there are also a vast amount of ways you can implement a 301 and each one giving you a different solution to a possible problem. One of the most effective 301 redirects are those placed on the site where anyone or anything crawling the web stumbles across your site without the 3w’s so an example may be example.com should automatically replace the 3w’s before it. This stops the search engines caching different URL’s with the same information on, commonly known as mirroring. 301 redirects also can be used to redirect from an old page that maybe has page rank and strength within the search engines to a new more relevant page thus transferring the strength and index history. This is also highly effective when trying to avoid broken links building up from the site which we know can down score us with the search engines. The thing to remember for any website is that each page is a link and should be treated as such.

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