What are Title Tags

What are Title Tags

Page titles can be viewed at the very top of the screen above the URL string and are one of the first areas the search engine spiders use to identify the product or service that page represents. It is important that we utilise this area to its fullest potential and ensure that this is the basis for what the page represents and the uniformity of the page should stem from this information. Quite often I see a company name in the page titles or even the website address which is such a waste of a page title as the spiders know this information and the end user should by the time the page loads. The strength given to the page titles stems mainly from the fact that even on flash sites you can code the title string which enables the big corporations who spend hundreds of thousands on AdWords to be able to have their sites crawled and possibly placed in the natural listings. We identify the importance given for this key area and use this to our advantage and like for ourselves it has worked time and again for our clients proving the theory that page titles are vastly important to a successful SEO campaign.

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