What are Meta Tags

What are Meta Tags

Meta tags can be found by right clicking on any standard flat page that is not in flash and selecting from the drop down menu View source or View page source (on Firefox). It has long been a case for discussion that Meta data such as Meta keywords and descriptions are no longer important in the world of SEO, however this is completely false they are massively important to any website as this is where we can inform the search engine spiders of exactly what the page represents and what the end user is likely to find. When utilizing the Meta data it is highly important not to cut corners here as so many site builders do, having repetitive content throughout or content with just the odd tweak at the start of the data doesn’t constitute unique coding and would be better left out. It is important to remember that your website is part of you financial portfolio and with that in mind should be treated with the same respect you would your office building or you’re top of the range company car. Take care to put the effort in to the website metas and you will see the fruits of your labor for years to come.

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