Website Redesign Company India

Website Redesign Company India

Website Re-Design Company India

With website redesign we can take you existing site and redesign so it is ‘search engine friendly’. We would focus on the text of each page and the title, description and content tags.

We may suggest starting from scratch and building you a whole new website which is built with SEO in mind. Sometimes this works better than a website being redesigned and SEO added as an afterthought.

We shall evaluate you site and give you an honest opinion of what would be best for your business needs.

When designing a website with optimization in mind there are some hotspots that are important to take into consideration.

Website optimization

If you have an already established site we can optimize it so it performs better in search engines. There are a few basics rules of thumb and if adhered to will bring you the results you want.

The first thing we would look at is your description, content and title tags. These need be descriptive with keywords.

The text on your pages would be the next thing we look at. If your website has very little text then this will be a problem. Search engines are text analysis systems and can only understand and read text. So if you site has lots of pictures with very few words, your site will be hard for search engines to determine its content which means you will not be found by the search engines..

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the search terms people might type into to the search engines to find what they are looking for.

For example if you have a website about sports cars, then two of your keywords would be ‘sports cars’. So if someone put ‘sports cars’ into a search engine, the search engine would go off and find pages titled ‘sports cars’. This is why the title tags are very important.


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