Social Media Presence and eCommerce

Social Media Presence and eCommerce

There are a few things that you can do exclusively for your Social Media marketing campaign that will greatly improve your customer retention and acquisition with your eCommerce site.

Some of these are:

Create and promote offers which are exclusive to the Social Media market – During a holiday season, for example, you could have a contest which you promote through your companys Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and blog. This can not only drive traffic to your site, it can increase your customers awareness of your Social Media presence.

In addition, you could offer an exclusive item to your Social Media followers or fans. For example, include a promotional code on your Facebook page, offering customers 10% for the month of December, with the use of the code. You can also use these pages to give information about any upcoming events, sales, promotions, etc.

Promote good will as well as your products – While your primary goal with Social Media marketing may be to sell your goods or services, remember that these are Social sites. If you engage with customers, or potential customers, you will see higher results. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

:: Share your messages, or news stories from outside sources that apply to your product or service.

:: Create a blog, and feed that content to your Social Media sites.

:: Ask questions, have discussions, or create polls to give your customers a chance to give you feedback.

:: Post pictures or videos from company events, or any speaking engagements you may have.

Actually sell your products or services through Social Networks – Finally, we get to the heart of the matter. Many eCommerce sites use their Social Media presence to simplify the buying process for their customers. You can highlight any new products you might have, and actually provide a link back to the order page for that product. Some of the larger eCommerce sites have set it up so that customers can purchase their products directly from Facebook.

One of the most effective use of Social Media marketing I have ever personally experienced doesnt even have an eCommerce site! They only have a brick and mortar store. But that doesnt stop them from very effectively using Social Media marketing. Its a designer resale shop in our local area. Three to four times per day, they photograph any new items theyve gotten into their store and then post the photographs, with a full description of the item including which designer created it, size, color, and price, on their Facebook page. Another important component that they have is that the owner and salespeople are very active on Facebook. If you ask a question about an item on the site, they will respond quickly. They also occasionally have wine and cheese parties at the store – they announce those on Facebook as well. I can tell you that this method works very well – Ive seen the item on Facebook, then driven to the store to purchase it. The store is always busy, and items sell very quickly. I found this Facebook page through a friend who has taste in clothing similar to mine. I likedĀ the Facebook page, and now the updates post to my Facebook wall whenever theyre posted. This strategy must work – Ive never seen so much as a print ad from this company, and yet, a year later theyre opening their fourth store.

One of the biggest benefits to using Social Media marketing is that its free! All it takes is a little time and effort on your part, word of mouth will do the rest. Once your Social Media sites are set up, dont forget that you have to monitor them – if your customers respond to you, you have to be responsive to them.

If you follow these simple tips, I think you will find that Social Media marketing can be a very profitable addition to your eCommerce site.


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