Affordable Social Media Marketing Company India

Affordable Social Media Marketing Company India

Affordable Social Media Marketing Optimization Expert Company India

Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google +1 etc. for Improved Search Engine Rankings, More Traffic and Increased Exposure

We can create a killer Facebook page for you, populate it with images and content, and arrange for hundreds or thousands of real Friends, install a Like button on your website and help get hundreds of real users to click it. Likewise, we could help you set up a Twitter account and arrange the recruitment of hundreds or thousands of Followers. We offer similar assistance for other networks.

We can get it started for you, however, engaging in social media optimization must be done on a continuing basis.

Our advice is to stay on the sidelines until you are ready to commit because its better to have no social engagement than to have poor social engagement. Or, hire us to actively manage your social network presence. We can provide ongoing, active social media engagement managed by people who know what they are doing and like doing it.

Social media optimization, marketing & management service could include the following:

Facebook: Posting and managing content and comments, engaging with the network, and gaining a certain minimum number of new Friends and Likes each month. Facebook could also include paid advertising.

Twitter: Tweeting, replying to Tweets and gaining a certain minimum number of new Followers each month. It’s also possible to sponsor Tweets on Twitter.

Blogging: Regular postings on your existing blog and/or create multiple external blogs, manage postings, comments, blogrolls, etc.

Video: Optimization including creation of video, optimization and submission to YouTube, increasing view counts.

Everywhere you go on the web, you see social media at play. Depending on your industry and what your competitors are doing, it may be a SEO requirement for you to get involved. And even if it’s not required, extra promotion and traffic is always a good thing.

Web 2.0 SEO Services

Web 2.0 simply refers to websites that are set up to encourage participation, information sharing and collaboration and includes the social sites, as well as blogs, forums and the like.

If you have a blog or Facebook page, it is important to make regular postings, and review, police, and respond to comments.

No time? No blog? No Facebook? Don’t worry, we can create and/or manage them for you, with regular postings, pings etc.


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