Social Media Costs and Benefits

Social Media Costs and Benefits

Advertisers and companies have realized that social media marketing is a simple yet trendy way to expand their marketing. Many of these social media sites offer FREE memberships. Unfortunately, those memberships do not include the cost of running social media marketing campaigns.

The Costs Involved

You have to compare the social media costs and benefits in order to determine if it is going to benefit you and your business. The true cost of any social media marketing campaign will typically be determined by the reach and the size of that campaign. The factors below all need to be considered when comparing social media costs and benefits:

Advertising although the phrase if you build, it they will comeĀ was effective in the movie Field of Dreams, it is a complete myth where social media marketing is concerned. Just having a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profile is not going to guarantee an ROI. It takes advertising to accomplish this and it isnt free.

External fees if you do not have a marketing department in-house, should you outsource your social media marketing needs? You will need to consider the costs involved in hiring an outside service.

Staff costs if there is a staff person who handles your marketing needs, then you have to consider what it will cost you to have them on your payroll. Without an actual social media marketing campaign manager, other employees will have to be involved in your efforts which will pull them away from their regular job responsibilities.

The Benefits

A recent survey of over 2,000 organizations that was conducted by the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services and researched the benefits of social media marketing revealed that 79% of them have been utilizing social media venues as part of their marketing efforts.

The following is a list of the benefits that were revealed by this study:

  • iconAbility to develop targeted marketing campaigns

  • iconBetter understanding of brand perception by the customer

  • iconEarly warning of possible product/service issues

  • iconFavorable brand perceptions

  • iconIdentification of comments (negative and positive)

  • iconImproved insights about target audience

  • iconIncreased company awareness

  • iconIncreased new business

  • iconIncreased website traffic

  • iconMeasuring brand discussion frequency

  • iconMonitoring discussions about the company

  • iconNew product/service opportunities

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