SEO Site Migration and Development

SEO Site Migration and Development

Update Your Site, Keep Your Ranking

Transfer to a new platform or new site without risking your organic traffic.

:: Avoid issues that may cripple your ability to bring visitors from search engines

:: Help the development team create a search engine friendly website

:: Get a blueprint for your SEO campaign.

Moving to a new CMS, or redeveloping your website, can be a crucial step to revitalizing your business, but with it comes the risk of losing the influence that your site previously had on search engine rankings. UNB GLOBAL’ SEO Site Migration and Development Plan provides a prioritized list of actionable advice to ensure its SEO friendly functionality across site changes.

Our Process

UNB GLOBAL’ SEO Site Migration and Development Plan ensures search engine friendliness of redeveloped and newly developed sites by looking at a number of factors including:

:: Best Practices

:: Page Header

:: Site Content

:: Keyword Components

:: Outbound Links

:: Intra-Site Link Structure

:: Blackhat Prevention

You will also receive a walk-through of these documents with your development team and consulting hours to answer questions during the development process.

Once the website has reached approx. 80% completion we will conduct a review of the site looking for potential issues which might hold it back from being search friendly, then build a summary report of our finding for the development team to review.


You will receive a summary report of what to optimize, as well as consultation time to assure that your development team understands the specifics of our recommendations.

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