SEO On Page and Off Page Activities Check List

SEO On Page and Off Page Activities Check List

Check List of all On Page and Off Page Optimization activities you need to deliver to rank websites high on search engines.


iconKeyword Research: Research on what keywords can be targeted for the site.

iconKeyword Finalization: To come up with the final list of keywords which we will target on the website.

iconCompetitor Analysis: Competitor analysis on what keywords the competitors are using.

iconURL Analysis: Check if the URLS are search engine friendly.

iconSite Structure Check: Check if the site is structured is correct and the flow of information is in the correct direction.

iconChecking Keyword Density: Check the overall density of the keywords on the site.

iconXML Sitemap Creation: Creation of XML site map

iconGoogle Webmaster Tools Accounts Setup and Registration: Creating a Google Webmaster Account and submission of XML Sitemap so that the complete site can be indexed with Google.

iconFetch as Google: Individually Submitting pages which are not indexed with Google.

iconGoogle Local / Maps Registration: Creating a Google Local / Map account to submit the site.

iconMobile Site Compatibility: Check if the site works with Smart Phones and Tables

iconBroken Link Check: Check for any broken links on the site.

icon404 Error: Check if page not found on the site is returning a 404 error.

iconSpelling Check: Spelling Check on the complete website

iconGrammar Check: Check for any grammatical mistakes Site Speed Check: Check if the site is taking too much time to download.

iconOrphaned Pages: To make sure every page on your website is linked to from another page. A spider won’t be able to find orphaned pages.

iconContent Crawling and Indexing: Check if the content on the site is being crawled and indexed properly.

iconSynonyms: Use of Synonyms on the site to get better results in ranking.

iconLanding Pages: Finalizing which keywords will be targeted on the current website and if new content pages are required to target more keywords.

iconMeta Tag Creation: Creating Meta Tags for the site which includes:

iconPage Title



iconH1, H2 and H3 Tags

iconAlt Tags

iconPage Heading Optimization

iconMeta Tag Implementation: Implementing the Meta Tags on the website.

iconOn Page Content Optimization: On Page content optimization to integrate the keywords on the site.

iconCreation of New Content Pages: If required and their integration on the website.

iconCreation of Article Section on the website: Creating a section where all the articles would be posted.

iconGmail Account: We would need 1 Gmail account from the client for account creation and submissions.


iconArticle Title Research: Research on what topics the articles would be written.

iconArticle Creation: Creation of articles based on the keywords we want to target.

iconweb2.0 Resources Setup and Submission: The article would be submitted to the web2.0 Resources for this we would have to setup account on resources like: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc.

iconOn Site Article Submission: Submission of articles on the website.

iconBlog Commenting: Research theme related Blogs for posting comments.

iconRegistrations On SMO Portals: Creating Profile on SMO Portals like Stumble Upon, Delicious, Digg, Myspace, reddit etc.

iconVideo Creation and Optimization: We would create, upload, optimize and promote videos on Youtube.


iconWeekly monitoring of the sites ranking on search engines.

iconWeekly Traffic Check through Google Analytic

iconCaching and Crawling Check.

iconInquiry form Check.

iconMobile Site compatibility Check: Check if the site works with Smart Phones and Tables

iconMonthly call to discuss the progress of the campaign.

iconMonthly Ranking Report would be sent.

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