SEO One Time Optimization

SEO One Time Optimization

SEO One Time Optimization Package Cost: $99

There are companies who would like to test SEO services and dont want to sign up a long contract. For such clients we have a one time SEO optimization plan. This includes complete optimization of your website based on the products and services we offer.

Result: We have seen that we are able to rank the website in 3-5 keywords on the first page of Google in 30-45 days time. Below are the complete details of our SEO One time Optimization plan:


KEYWORD RESEARCH: Research on what keywords can be targeted for the site.

KEYWORD FINALIZATION: To come up with the final list of keywords which we will target on the website.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: Competitor analysis on what keywords the competitors are using.

URL Analysis: $99Check if the URLS are search engine friendly.

SITE STRUCTURE CHECK: Check if the site is structured correctly and the flow of information is in the correct direction.

CHECKING KEYWORD DENSITY: Check the overall density of the keywords on the site.


FETCH AS GOOGLE: Individually submitting pages which are not indexed with Google.

GOOGLE LOCAL / MAPS REGISTRATION: Review of the present Google Local / Map account.

ENQUIRY FORM CHECK: Check if the Enquiry form is working fine.

MOBILE SITE COMPATIBILITY: Check if the website is working on Smart Phones and Tables

BROKEN LINK CHECK: Check for any broken links on the site.

404 ERROR: Check if page not found on the site is returning a 404 error.

ORPHANED PAGES: To make sure every page on your website is linked to from another page. A spider wont be able to find orphaned pages.

CONTENT CRAWLING AND INDEXING: Check if the content on the site is being crawled and indexed properly.

LANDING PAGES: Finalizing which keywords will be targeted on the current website and if new content pages are required to target more keywords.

META TAG CREATION: Creating Meta Tags for the site which includes:

Page Title



H1, H2 and H3 Tags

Alt Tags

META TAG IMPLEMENTATION: Implementing the Meta Tags on the website.

ON PAGE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: On Page content optimization to integrate the keywords on the site.

SEO One Time Optimization Package Cost: $99

Apart from being a SEO company we also have a specialized division called Social Media Optimization Company India here we can suggest a one time strategy to get more visitors and traffic through Social Media Channels like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

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