SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to optimize a website?

Here are several elements of a website that can be considered for optimization. When optimizing, a very good web designer will try and find the appropriate balance between these components, from the point of view of the site design and the site objective. Elements that should be considered for optimization include accessibility, usability, search engine visibility and overall page download speed.

Some people may find it strange to place accessibility and usability as something that should be optimized; however, the Internet is a global topic. While the web exploded in North America, many other countries lagged behind and are still playing catch-up today. The importance of ideas of usability and accessibility will eventually become recognized on a global scale, but for now there are many countries where the web design lessons that for years have been cascading through North America are still just being learnt. In these countries, newer sites may contain the latest well thought out accessible and usable design (provided the designer can show the client that these qualities have benefits), many existing sites will need to be retrofitted or optimized if they aren’t fully redesigned.

Why should I optimize my website?

The more people that come to your site and understand it, the better chance you have of gaining clients or selling products.

Business on the Internet is about visibility and client satisfaction. Spend all of the money you want on a website, if the above qualities aren’t taken into consideration you might as well not have a website. The most important element of a good website is that people can see it and understand it – if your website isn’t accessible, you will lose visitors. If it does poorly in the search engines, you’re losing potential visitors.

With those two points you are diminishing the amount of traffic that comes to your site. Now, if the visitors that arrive to your website leave because it takes too long to download or because the information is difficult to find or understand – you are losing clients. Optimizing your site results in better Internet business.

What does it mean to optimize download speed?

Optimizing your website for download speed is a process where the components of a website are optimized so that the website will download rapidly and display quickly in a users browser.

The rule of thumb is to display in less than four seconds – you begin losing ten percent of your traffic for every second over eight seconds that it takes your page to display. There are many tactics to creating a website that will display quickly, and just like search engine visibility, this is something that is best done at the start of designing your site. It can be done to existing pages, however quite often best results are obtained from a redesign.

What is optimizing for search engine visibility?

Optimizing for search engine visibility refers to preparing your web site with the goal of having it place well in the search engine listings. People use search engines to find things – products, companies and services – if your site doesn’t show up in the top ten to ten-twenty relevant results, you are losing potential business.

Optimizing for search engines is best done from the ground up – it is something that should be kept in mind before the first piece of code is written for a website. Existing websites can be optimized for search engine visibility, however sometimes the existing code limits some of the strategies that can be used.

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