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SEO Consultants India

Professional SEO Consultants India

Need more targeted, qualified traffic? Top search engine rankings are the key to finding prospects at the exact moment they are searching for what you sell.

Do It Yourself SEO With the Help of SEO Consultants India

For clients who have their own competent webmaster, we provide an exceptional value in SEO consulting.

Having your own team do the actual SEO implementation can save money upfront, with an additional benefit – as the work is done your team will be learning how to protect and continue the optimization in the future.

Each and every SEO consulting project is a unique, custom job done by handĀ by an experienced professional SEO Engineer in India.

Our SEO Consultants analyze everything – your site, your code, content, your competitors sites, backlinks, and more and deliver a SEO Technical Document that gives you the full details on how to optimize your site. As you implement the SEO modifications and actions, we coach you along the way.

The SEO Technical Document is a 10-20 page custom document that specifies, in high detail, the modifications needed to bring the subject website into compliance with its keyword goals and SEO best-practices including instructions, examples, code snippets, etc.

All our SEO consulting plans include telephone and email consulting for coaching and to answer questions that arise during completion of the project.

Our SEO consulting service will give you the precise knowledge needed to properly position your website for top search engine rankings.

Dont have a webmaster? No time to deal with it? Let us do the work as a turn-key SEO service project.

SEO Technical Document

The SEO Technical Document is the result of a comprehensive process created by Affordable SEO Consultants in India. It starts with keyword research and continues with competition analysis. Next, we perform a detailed study of of your website, code, content, site structure, link relationships, server configuration, and more.

It’s all done manually, specifically for your website. No software tool or automated system can come close to what we provide. The SEO Technical Document is the result of hours of analysis by a professional SEO engineer, it’s a custom “how to” document created for your website, keywords and competitive situation. It will show you exactly what needs to be done.

Geared for Google

Our complete telephone and email consulting service, including highly detailed documentation based directly on your website, your keywords and your competitors, will be geared towards Google rankings.

About 2/3’s of all US web searches are handled by Google. We focus on Google. Our service will improve Yahoo and Bing results as well, although not quite as good as Google in all cases.

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