SEO Campaign Management

SEO Campaign Management

Attract Targeted Organic Traffic

iconDrive traffic from visitors searching for competitive terms

iconGet targeted visitors through the use of relevant and targeted long-tail terms

iconElevate brand visibility

UNB GLOBAL SEO Campaign Management service gives you a full-fledged customer attraction campaign founded on understanding and enhancing the role of “organic” search engine traffic in your marketing strategy.

Our campaign management service is designed around revenue and conversion goals, not just traffic. It takes your site through the rigorous process of our SEO audit, creates a customized keyword strategy around your revenue goals, ensures sufficient content to keep search engines interested, and communicates your website’s value.

Increase your returns, not your rankings:

For 10 years, UNB GLOBAL has been rocketing clients to the top of the search engine listings but we know that search engine rank isn’t really enough. We provide analysis-oriented, performance-based optimization focused on improving your return on investment and revenue flow, not just your rank.

Our Process

Keyword Performance Strategy

Our SEO team performs careful keyword analysis to find what terms provide not just the highest traffic, but the highest conversions for your site. We then combine those terms with hundreds of low-cost, low-traffic, but highly-motivated “long tail” phrases to produce the targeted keyword strategy needed to boost your conversions.

On-page Search Engine Optimization

We preen your page from top to bottom, analyzing your title tags, meta tags, headers, file names, alt tags, internal structure, body content, and then set up a unified SEO redesign to assure that you rank for your best keywords.

SEO Copywriting

Duplicate content is one of the easiest ways to destroy your ranking. Google ranks the content they see as “authoritative”, and buries duplicates this can include entire pages of your site! UNB GLOBAL SEO team not only rewrites duplicate content observing best practices, but maintains optimal keyword use, to make sure your content space isn’t going to waste.


No campaign is ever truly complete. UNB GLOBAL applies the same rigorous analytics to its SEO clients as to its analytics clients, making sure that you always know what’s performing well, and how your increases in search engine rankings compare to your return on investments.

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