SEO Audit & Action Plan

SEO Audit & Action Plan

What’s Holding You Back?

Get a detailed analysis of your SEO efforts, and a strategy for maximizing your organic traffic.

:: Determine what is holding you back from top rankings.

:: Create an action plan to boost your rankings.

:: Attract organic traffic that desires what your site provides.

Prepared by our industry-leading SEO experts, the SEO Audit & Action Plan provides crucial insights into the issues that are keeping visitors from finding your site, and provides a strategy for increasing your organic traffic.

An action plan for success

More importantly, the SEO Audit & Action Plan tells you exactly what you need to do to boost your search engine rankings. It answers questions like:

:: What SEO techniques have I overlooked?

:: How can I improve my rankings?

:: What should I fix first?

:: What comes next?

Our Process

Our account representatives will work with you to uncover what is right, and what is wrong with your websites Search Engine Optimization. They will then provide you with one hour of consulting, and a PDF action plan report based on:

:: Keywords you should target on the website

:: Meta Tags Review

:: Website Content review

:: Google Analytics Review

:: Links: How many links you will need

:: Content Strategy: How to add content and how to link to the landing pages

:: Social Media Marketing Strategy

:: Inbound Marketing Strategy

:: Paid Marketing Strategy

:: Competitor Analysis: How much effort is required to beat the competition

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