Why SEO Articles Writing Is Important for Higher Ranking on Google

Why SEO Articles Writing Is Important for Higher Ranking on Google

Due to the harsh competition from the global market, more and more companies turn to expert web development companies for consulting services and hire it to build websites to make their products and services more popular. Still, building a website, no matter how well it is designed and/or programmed, isn’t enough to make a company renowned. The most important element in obtaining of real success with a website is the right search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is the science of programming and promoting a website into a way that allow search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, and others) to find it and understand what it contains. Without very good results in organic searches based on keywords and key phrases, any website remains anonymous and cannot help a company in selling its goods.

There are numerous companies that offer website design; programming and SEO services and the packages that include all this elements are the only ones that are successful nowadays. Still, after a website is built and starts running, most of these companies consider that their job is over and does nothing else to promote it. Well, at this point many web development projects fail and this is because there is something more to do for a really solid online business: promoting the website both for human and search engines. The most effective and affordable ways to do this are SEO articles writing and blog posts. Writing an article about the products and/or services which are offered on a website and promoting that article on the web by subscribing it to the most important article directories has a lot of advantages, from which the most important are the following: one, people get in touch at firsthand with information about a company and the goods offered by it, and two, the link popularity of a site is increasing due to the one way links contained in the body or footer of articles. There are also other important things, such as an original content and correct optimization of all parts of the website, but the number of links, especially of ONE WAY links, is the unbeatable plus thing that makes a website more important in “eyes” of search engines.

“But what is with the link exchanges?”, could ask some people. Swapping links has been an important method that most web masters used (and most of them use even today!) to increase its websites link popularity. There is nothing wrong with this, SO LONG they exchange links with websites having the SAME topic and which are NOT banned by search engines for bad neighborhood. Not so simple as some could think, isn’t? On the other hand, search engines count an exchange double for both sites, as an outgoing link and an incoming link, so its importance in the searching algorithm is not so high. The things are changing with 180 degrees with a one way link, which is a link pointing to a site without existence of a back link to the site where is placed that one way link. This type of links are extremely powerful in achieving a position in the top of the searches for different keywords. As stated above, SEO articles writing and blog posts are the best ways to get such links because there are several very well ranked article directories and blogs that allow insertion of external links in the articles body or in its footer. Of course, not any article and not any directory is useful, but only articles that are written respecting the SEO rules, without key word stuffing, and are submitted to article directories which are considered trustful by search engines. In the same way, blog posts play a similar role if they are written well, based on the topic of the site where point the links and the number of included connections is not excessive.

Due to importance in getting valuable incoming links, SEO articles writing is one of the services after that companies must looking for when they are searching for web development packages. Without many powerful one way links no web site can reach in the top of the organic searches on Google or Yahoo! and therefore no one can sell an important quantity of services and products.

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