PPC Audit and Action Plan

PPC Audit and Action Plan

Get the Most from Your PPC

A detailed analysis of your PPC campaign, and an action plan for increasing your conversions.

iconFind out why you’re spending more than you need to on PPC

iconDiscover what techniques you’re overlooking

iconCreate an action plan to optimize your adspend

A large PPC campaign can be unwieldy. With too much data to track and too many numbers to manage, accounts can often get away from inexperienced PPC managers, leaving them struggling just to maintain their return-on-investment.

The PPC Report Card helps you manage your PPC accounts by outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign structure, detailing techniques you’re overlooking, and giving you the insights you need to understand where your account is going.

Prepared by our highly trained PPC team, the PPC report card:

iconOutlines key areas of your campaign that need improvement

iconReveals issues that you may not have been aware of

iconProvides recommendations and best practice guidelines

iconProvides a detailed action plan to improve your ROI.

UNB GLOBAL’ PPC account representatives will work with you to discover what your account is doing right, what it is doing wrong, and what can be improved. They will then provide you with one hour of consulting, and a PDF based action plan breaking your PPC campaign down into 9 key areas:

iconCampaign Architecture


iconAd Groups


iconAd Creative

iconLanding Pages

iconContent Network

iconConversion Tracking


Take the Guess Work Out of Your PPC

UNB GLOBAL has over 8 years experience setting up and managing PPC accounts, and the expertise needed to make sure your conversions go up, and your costs go down. Contact us to find out how you can gain more customers with UNB GLOBAL PPC Services.

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