PPC Account Setup

PPC Account Setup

Tailored PPC Account Setup

A fully setup PPC account customized to your audience and business needs.

iconAvoid costly setup mistakes that can drain your budget

iconIncrease your ROI with heavily tested and targeted settings

iconThorough keyword research to ensure nothing is overlooked.

It happens more frequently than anyone wants to admit: a business, large or small, new to Pay Per Click (PPC) sets up an account, casts its nets too wide, and brings in loads of views. The traffic seems great, but few convert. Then the bill arrives.

Interested in the revenue that Pay Per Click (PPC) can provide, but worried about whether your account is going to be profitable? UNB GLOBAL has implemented hundreds of accounts for everything from small businesses to huge enterprises. UNB GLOBAL’ PPC Account Setup service can get you up and making money without risking your budget.

Our PPC Process:


Right from the start we begin looking at what company terms you can use to convert traffic. Do searches for your brand names result in your products or services appearing in natural search? If not, bidding on your brand names can be a quick and profitable keyword.

Keyword Research

Knowing what to bid on is one of the most important aspects of PPC. Our PPC team will carefully research potential keywords for your business, discovering how your target audience uses language to search for your products or services.

Search Campaign Set Up

Keywords alone aren’t enough. We constantly test and revise our ads and bidding schemes, to ensure maximum return on investment. If your campaign is managed keyword by keyword, it’s easy to waste money in PPC. What’s required is an integrated strategy, where the budget is carefully allocated to the keywords that make the most net profit.

Content Network

Ignored by many PPC companies, the content network has amazing potential to bring in high conversion traffic. UNB GLOBAL has considerable experience attaining high ROI for our clients from content network advertising.

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