What is 301 Redirect

A lot has been said over the years in relation to 301 redirects and the importance of them, there are also a vast amount of ways you can implement a 301 and each one giving you a different solution...
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What are Header Tags

We have identified that headers in a web page can give strength to the page and offer prime locations to place the strongest search term relating to that page. With headers you would usually utilize...
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What are Title Tags

Page titles can be viewed at the very top of the screen above the URL string and are one of the first areas the search engine spiders use to identify the product or service that page represents. It...
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What are Meta Tags

Meta tags can be found by right clicking on any standard flat page that is not in flash and selecting from the drop down menu View source or View page source (on Firefox). It has long been a case for...
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Principles of Search Engine Optimization

Your website is either an online brochure advertising your business to potential clients or a total ecommerce solution which is putting what could have once been a static shop on your local towns...
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Bing Search Engine Optimization

OK, we now have the Bing search engine, so how do we optimize web pages for Bing? Well we wonder how much of a change is there from Live Search. Bing tells us there is a difference and to be honest...
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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to optimize a website?Here are several elements of a website that can be considered for optimization. When optimizing, a very good web designer will try and find the appropriate...
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Social Media Marketing Agency India

Social Media Marketing Agency Blogs, social networking sites, chat rooms, and interactive online media are just a few of the social media marketing tools available to businesses which can build...
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Key Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

Key Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing Unlikely as it may seem Pay Per Click Marketing can be likened to golf, as whilst the principles are often picked up relatively quickly, it takes a certain...
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