Local Business Optimization Company India

Local Business Optimization Company India

In today’s “superman speed” business environment, you can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and still be in business tomorrow. You either need some “kryptonite” to slow down your nemesis or you will need some new maneuvers to achieve you company goals. In any event, just because you are a local business does not mean you can consistently defeat your competitors if you stick with your old methods of advertising.

Approximately 2,000 U.S. consumers were randomly selected from the Nielsen/NetRatings MegaPanel to participate in a survey. Internet Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN (now Bing) were rated the number one resource for finding local business information. Survey participants were allowed to provide more than one answer. Here is how the results fared:

  • iconSearch engines – 74%

  • iconPrint yellow pages – 65%

  • iconInternet yellow pages – 50%

  • iconTraditional newspapers – 44%

  • iconPrint white pages – 33%

  • iconTelevision – 29%

  • iconConsumer review websites – 18 %

As you can see from the results, more people search for local business via the World Wide Internet than they do using the traditional tree-chopping, giant, paper-on-paper paperweight that is the front door damaging, run-on of a sentence, driveway staining Yellow pages. Not that I have any bias against using the traditional Yellow pages, they do have a wonderful online version as shown in the survey results. But the survey shows that more people use search engine giants like Google to find beer and pizza places within a 2 mile radius of their house then they do any other method.

So, if you are local, you need to be listed online within the major search engines or (up to) 74 out of 100 people might not find you.

Other notable items from the survey include:

  • iconAlmost 9 out of 10 of those surveyed say they have used the Internet to find a local business.

  • icon81% said the Internet was vital to their lifestyle.

  • icon75% of users say they read reviews of products and services online. The number is higher as the audience ages. 60% of 18-24 year olds read online reviews and 80% of 34-64 year olds read online reviews.

  • icon69% use blogs as a source for consumer product reviews, yet only 23% have ever posted a consumer review on a blog (among this group of posters: 45% of the posted reviews were negative, while 15% were mixed and 40% were positive).

  • iconJust over 70% of survey participants say they prefer to stay within a 20 minute drive of their homes to reach a business. And 80% of respondents say they have researched a product or service online and then made their purchase offline from a local business.

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