Key Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

Key Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

Key Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing

Unlikely as it may seem Pay Per Click Marketing can be likened to golf, as whilst the principles are often picked up relatively quickly, it takes a certain acumen and a whole lot of time to master and actually perform well.

Partnering with us to undertake your Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns has some very clear benefits in terms of Time, Quality and Cost:

We are industry accredited experts, skilled in all the disciplines needed to excel: marketing, IT and process management. For a non-professional to conduct successful campaigns, in fact even to know when a campaign is successful they need to invest a large amount of time and be prepared to make mistakes. UNB GLOBAL is aware of the potential pitfalls, and our partners are able to benefit from that experience.

Pay Per Click Marketing is increasingly important to business. Partnering with UNB GLOBAL ensures your company maximizes its potential.

More specifically, we provide our partners with:

  • iconA true partnership mentality: We work hard to understand your marketing objectives and interpret your needs

  • iconRelevancy: Campaigns that meet objectives and add value

  • iconTime compression: From initial objective setting to the campaign launch

Time efficiency

One of the key benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing is that your results are immediate: from starting a campaign to making adjustments. We make the most of this fact by providing our partners with an active management service which continually monitors your campaigns, reacting to changing circumstances to ensure your objectives are met.


A successful Pay Per Click Marketing campaign demands consistency and competency at every stage:

  • iconObjective setting

  • iconChannel Selection

  • iconKeyword selection

  • iconBidding process

  • iconCopy writing

  • iconLaunch

  • iconManagement and review

Working with you, we use our extensive knowledge of the Pay Per Click market to formulate achievable objectives. Using appropriate channels, we design targeted campaigns, choosing relevant keywords and high impact advertising copy.

Post-launch, in line with our philosophy of continuous improvement we conduct regular analysis and campaign performance reviews to ensure quality levels are upheld.


Pay Per Click Marketing itself is highly cost effective:

  • iconTargeted: The adverts lie right at the heart of the internet, at the start of a browsers search in the search engines themselves

  • iconImmediacy: If a campaign is not working it can be quickly and easily changed. Try doing that halfway through a national mailshot

  • iconAccurate ROI information: No-one doubts the adage, knowledge is power. Pay Per Click Marketing empowers the advertiser in ways never before possible.

To maximise the returns from Pay Per Click Marketing, a professional and consistent approach is required however. UNB GLOBAL generates cost savings for our partners in a number of ways:

  • iconWe are Pay Per Click Marketing specialists. It is both all and everything that we do. This focus gives us excellent relationships with Pay Per Click channel providers. Combined with our internal systems this enables us to implement campaigns more efficiently and effectively than is possible in-house.

  • iconThe greater effectiveness of our targeted campaigns, through such areas as keyword selection and copy writing, means that we are able to achieve lower successful bidding prices giving you a greater return on investment (ROI).

  • iconExpert analysis and interpretation: Generating reports alone is not enough. UNB GLOBAL uses its expertise to undertake invaluable monitoring, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness.

When is a cost not a cost?

We do not feel it is appropriate for us to levy a fixed monthly charge for you to benefit from our management services. Instead we prefer to work for our money and follow a commission-based pricing model which enables our partners to access our full expertise.

UNB GLOBAL is confident we add value to our partners operation on a long term basis. We achieve this through a combination of the opportunity cost gains of your saved management time, and also through the clear financial gains our higher overall campaign effectiveness and bidding efficiency brings.

For more information on how UNB GLOBAL can be your Pay Per Click Marketing Partner please visit: PPC Company India, We have listed our PPC packages here as well.

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