Importance of Story Boarding in SEO

Importance of Story Boarding in SEO

Any business, especially owned by small and middle sized companies, are going to disappear without a very strong presence on the internet. This happens because more and more people use the internet to buy goods and services, all statistics proving that the volume of purchases on the virtual market is increasing continuously. In fact, the traffic on the net is almost doubling every two years, so out there is a huge number of potential new customers waiting for the right services and products. In these circumstances, having a strong internet presence is crucial for surviving. A website is nowadays one of the most powerful marketing “weapons” that a company can use to conserve or increase the quantity of sold goods. Still, a more important element as the simple possession of a website is the quality of the development, which means that a website has to poses an appealing design, but also to be extremely well optimized for the major search engines, Google and Yahoo!

The design of the website must be enough attractive to be able to grab the attention of the visitors. But web design is just a small part of the development process, the other two major components being programming and search engine optimization (SEO). All three have to compose a well synchronized symphony; otherwise the “melody” is false and lead to failure. There are many secrets that an expert SEO company has to know to develop successful web sites. One of them is the art of story boarding.

There are different definitions of story boarding. In advertising the term “story boarding” means to make a blueprint for a TV commercial that is drawn to portray copy, dialog, and action, with caption notes regarding filming, audio components, and script. In web design a storyboard means something completely different: a visual and textual story describing interactions through a system, namely through the website. Actually, it is the skeleton of a website and also it is the first logical step of an expert search engine optimization process. “But why?” could somebody ask. The answer is simple: SEO is and ongoing process which has to follow some specific steps and when the succession of these actions is not right then the result is disappointing!

Many people are confused when hear about story boarding and are looking for sophisticated software or templates. Well, until now do NOT exist a software and this is because until now no machine can replace the human brain! Being a logical process, each website needs a customized storyboard, written by expert SEO developers, that has to be synchronized with all other SEO processes.

“But what has to contain an expert storyboard?” Well, into one word, keywords. Before to take any other action into the long process of the web development, there is necessary a specific key word research and a selection of the most important of them. This keywords and key phrases have to be selected on the criteria of the number of searches for a term AND on the criteria of competition (the number of websites on which appears a keyword). Other very important factors in selection of keywords are the geographical distribution of the people who make those searches, its age, profession and others. Each of these elements has a bigger or smaller importance in finding the perfect combination of key phrases and words that will be used for the optimization of the entire website.

Story boarding goes also hand in hand with the structure of the website, respective with the name of each directory where are hosted the files of a website. The names of these directories have to be synchronized with the names of the pages (which make up in fact the storyboard, respectively are listed on the site map) that compose a website. For good results on search engines, a crucial importance has the silo structure design of the website, structure that has to be built using also the results of the keyword selection.

All things described above (but also many others!) must be taken in consideration in creation of a successful website. From web design and programming to search engine optimization (SEO), everything must be realized on expert level. This cost time and money, but when the goal is to poses a profitable online business, no effort is too much!

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