Guaranteed SEO Company India

Guaranteed SEO Company India

Guaranteed SEO Program

Let’s be real. Nobody can guarantee any specific ranking. And it’s not considered ethical to even try. So what is different with our Guaranteed SEO Services India. We can offer a payment option that allows you to make payments as rankings happen. We won’t bill you any monthly fees unless your rankings meet certain minimum levels as we go along. It’s the best and only real guarantee you can get from a Guaranteed SEO company India.

Our Guaranteed SEO India program pricing varies for every client, because every website, every industry, and every keyword has a different level of competitive difficulty. Please note – our guaranteed seo ranking service is available for normal, established websites that have been online for at least six months and also websites which have been recently launched and would like to take advantage of our Guaranteed SEO Services. If you sell pharma, adult, gambling, multi-level or get rich quick products, we can’t help you. Send us an inquiry and we’ll let you know right away if we can help you under this program.

Once we analyze your site and your keywords, we can quote you a firm price for the keywords you select. Our minimum engagement under this program is ten keywords. We will offer discounts for clients with 20 or more keywords.

After the end of our 6 or 12 month agreement, you can continue to benefit from your new rankings achieved by Guaranteed SEO India without further payments. Or, we can stay in the game with a low cost maintenance plan.

A word of caution about guaranteed seo ranking programs. In spite of the way it sounds, some SEO guaranteed ranking programs are potentially the highest-risk choice for the customer. That’s because some SEO companies use short-term boosting tricks, paid links, or other black-hat practices so they can get quick rankings and get paid, and leave you holding the bag when Google eventually figures out what they have done. Which will happen, sooner or later. We don’t do business this way, but some do.

Our prices and terms are flexible, we can work with you to create an arrangement that fits your goals and budget.

What is Guaranteed SEO Services?

Google says “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”.

We agree. That’s why our guaranteed SEO service does not guarantee any specific ranking. Instead, we offer a payment option where we get paid based on the success of our SEO work.

We won’t insult you with the false promises of a money-back guarantee that can be wiggled out of or end up in court.

We keep our guaranteed results program simple. We collect our monthly fees only as rankings improve. No rankings, no monthly fees.

Flat Rate or Guaranteed Performance SEO

Only an insurance company can guarantee things that are beyond it’s full control.

With guaranteed or pay-for-performance SEO plans, in addition to performing the SEO work, the SEO must also guarantee against increasing competition, search engine algorithm changes, and take the risk for any unforeseen problems.

Guaranteed SEO will always cost a little more than a flat rate SEO plan.


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