Free Website Analysis Services

Free Website Analysis Services

Free Website SEO Analysis Report

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For proper utilization of our SEO Services, it is imperative to go for proper website SEO analysis as the first step. Proper website analysis report will help you to know the exact hurdle faced by the website in its ranking among the top most pages of major search engines and devising appropriate strategy for reaching the websites on top. Right website seo analysis can lead to higher sales conversion but its necessary to devote adequate time in analyzing the website otherwise you could not get the desired result.

UNB GLOBAL offers Free Website SEO Analysis Services: We offer detailed website analysis services to SEO companies as well as individual websites owners across the globe. While analyzing the website we make efforts to know the exact requirements of our customers, gather information about his products and services, find the exact competitiveness of his industry, find target market (Global / National / Local), competitor analysis and suggestions for effective marketing plan. Our free website analysis will focus on essential search engine optimization factors such as the use of keywords, meta tags, header tags, anchor text and other on-page factors relating to your website. Based on our findings, we will advise you on issues such as keyword research, web page optimization, link building and web analytics.

Our detailed analysis report includes:

  • iconWebsite Structure Analysis

  • iconWebsite Bounce Rate Analysis

  • iconBack Links Analysis

  • iconIssues with the website

  • iconPages indexed

  • iconDomain age

  • iconPresent Ranking – Done manually

  • iconMeta Tags and Alt Tags

  • icon301 Redirection

  • iconHTML Errors / Broken Links

  • iconCompetitor Analysis 5 websites

  • icon Suggested List of Keywords

  • iconSuggestions to improve ranking

  • iconSEO plan

The report would be sent in DOC Format, however can also be incorporated in the format / template you want.

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