Expert PPC Marketing Company India

Expert PPC Marketing Company India

It’s an old story:

Promised immediate traffic by sites marketing their Pay Per Click (PPC) services a company hands a PPC budget to its marketing department and says “see if you can make us money”. With little experience targeting ads, and even less analyzing PPC data, the budget is soon gone, the traffic has bounced and the higher-ups start to think that maybe this “PPC thing” isn’t for them.

Avoid unprofitable accounts

UNB GLOBAL can help you avoid the slow poison of an inexperienced PPC account manager. With over 10 years experience setting up and managing PPC accounts, and a proven methodology that places heavy emphasis on measuring and testing, we can make sure that your account is set up to increase returns.

Our services include:

PPC Audit & Action Plan

A large PPC campaign can be unwieldy, with too much data to track, and too many numbers to manage. The UNB GLOBAL’ PPC Report Card outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your current PPC campaign structure, detailing techniques that you’re overlooking, and giving you the insights you need to understand where your account is going.

PPC Account Setup

A poorly set up PPC account can cause your budget to balloon out of control. With 10 years experience handling PPC marketing, UNB GLOBAL can set up your PPC account to make money.

Managing your Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts can be tedious, time consuming work. If you dont have the time, resources and expertise to devote to it, your budget can quickly get away from you. UNB GLOBAL has over 10 years experience setting up and managing PPC accounts, and the expertise needed to make sure your PPC campaigns flourish.


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