Connection between SEO Expert and Branding

Connection between SEO Expert and Branding


The situation when a business has problems after starts growing too fast isn’t unusual and many companies have even disappeared after a short period of welfare. This happens due to more reasons and one of them is the wrong branding. The corporate identity or branding is the process of customization realized with the purpose to make a company ease recognizable amongst other businesses of the same type. It is also an important process because helps clients to remember services or products. As result, branding has a major importance for any business and is one of the key factors that lead a company to success or bankruptcy.

The history shows that many companies which failed haven’t invested enough in advertising, one of the important elements of the branding process, because considered that isn’t necessary to spend so much money. It’s true that advertising isn’t cheap at all, but there are a lot of media channels that can help in creating a strong corporate identity with less money. Today the most powerful media (after TV) is the Internet because of the fact that many people use websites to buy products and services. Search engine optimization (SEO), which shortly means preparation of a website for search engines, offers to some sites a great advantage against others: the optimized websites are found by people who use search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others), while the not optimized websites or optimized into a wrong way have less or no visitors coming on natural way (through the so called “organic searches”)! This means that web sites ranking in the top of organic searches (based on keywords or key phrases) sell services and products, while the other ones have few clients!

But where is the connection between branding and SEO? Well, SEO is an ongoing process which starts even before the building of a website! In fact, in larger terms it means the close planning of each step in the development process of a website such as the right keywords research, correct domain name choosing, web layout design, colors selection and structure architecture, text and headings writing, branding, marketing and advertising. All this are elements of a search engine optimization process performed on expert level! When is started from scratch, the branding process has a huge advantage: the entire business is projected into a manner that allows the use of the best marketing strategies. When a website has an adequate design and well-structured content it has much better chances to be remembered by people who see it. Top SEO experts make possible that a website be found for relevant keywords and phrases, bringing it in contact with virtual customers. Obviously, when many people start remembering the logo and representative colors of a company it become more renowned and trusted.

The branding strategy MUST be included in the designing process of the site. Choosing the most appropriate layout, colors and pictures is compulsory to reach the target audience – people interested in buying services and products. After the best SEO techniques have been used and the site started be visited by people coming as result of organic searches, a complete branding process must include also some “classical” advertising methods to strengthen the corporate identity like press releases, radio or TV advertisement, newspaper or magazine advertisement, e-mail campaigns and others. Of course, all this things must be realized with an eye on the competitor companies because the best way to get in top is to learn from others success or failure!

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