How to Choose Keywords for SEO

How to Choose Keywords for SEO

So if youve decided to optimize your web site or have an agency optimize your web site for you, you will find yourself needing to identify which keywords and keyword phrases will convert best for your business on the Internet. Keywords include all words and phrases which your SEO campaign will target. They are the terms that you want your web site to rank for when a searcher types these words and phrases into the search engines. Individual pages of your web site will be optimized for relevancy to these specified words and phrases.

When choosing your keywords, you may think that more broad and generic keywords will bring you more traffic, and although it may bring more traffic, you also need to be conscious of your bounce rate. This is the percentage of people who arrive to your web site and bounce away rather than navigate further into your site. This is most often due to the visitor not finding what they are looking for. Your bounce rate should be taken into account when choosing keywords, as you do not want to make your keywords so generic that your traffic bounces and does not convert when they reach your site. More specific keywords will drive more qualified, targeted traffic to your site.

An example is a web site owner who has a site for his coffee stand Davids Coffee Shop. The number of searches that are being done on the keyword coffee are up in the millions, so this may seem like a great keyword. But if this site only promotes the sale of coffee out of their drive-thru brick-and-mortar store, then the bounce rate for visitors who arrive to the site looking to have coffee products shipped to them will be very high. Keywords such as coffee stand and drive-thru coffee stand will have a much higher conversion rate. Also, if the business only has stores in Colorado, then a person searching for a coffee stand in WA may also bounce away after landing on the site. In this case, localized keywords would be a much better idea, such as coffee stand in Colorado or Highlands Ranch, CO drive through coffee stand. With these specific keywords, David can ensure that the visitors who land on his site are specifically seeking out his service, and will have a higher rate of conversion.

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