Bing Search Engine Optimization

Bing Search Engine Optimization

OK, we now have the Bing search engine, so how do we optimize web pages for Bing? Well we wonder how much of a change is there from Live Search. Bing tells us there is a difference and to be honest there needs to be. With the original MSN search and with Live, if you purchase a domain full of hyphens you will rank high. What will be interesting is, will this change?

I initially feel that Bing search engine optimization will be the same as optimizing for MSN in the usual way. Why? Well if you go to the footer of and click the help link you get the help articles for Live Search! So has it changed?

Yes and no! I think it is still the same engine with a few tweaks, what makes it different are the functions. Tucked away in the top right hand corner is the extras button, here you can search for articles from blogs, similar to Googles blog search. Across the top to the left you can search for shops, images, news and maps. OK we have seen all these before. The feature I really like is the Bing xRank, a great tool for us Bing SEO people, when it has data that is, it tells us what are people really searching?

I guess now we shall have a plethora of companies offering Bing Internet marketing or Bing search engine marketing; will I join the band wagon? Come on, you are reading this are you not?

Will I change my Bing search engine optimization from what I did for Live Search? Well with such a small percentage of the overall market, I never optimized for Live Search, now though with Bing, I think people will like the look and therefore some will switch to it, so I guess my SEO plans will change and I need to start to optimize for Bing and therefore become a Bing search engine optimization company.

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