Website Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist

Here we differentiate your business from the competition and present your products or services in the most positive light


  • iconUnderstand your competition

    • iconWho are your competitors?

    • iconWhat type of presence do your competitors have?

    • iconWhats compelling about your competitors online presence?

    • iconDoes your value-add truly distinguish your business from the others?

  • iconDemonstrate your value-add

    • iconPersonalize and reinforce your unique value

    • iconClearly state the benefits of your product or service

    • iconTell visitors exactly what theyre going to get

    • iconWhat makes you the best person for the job

    • iconFind and communicate proof

    • iconUse testimonials

    • iconUse buyer personas

    • iconAdd reviews to your site

    • iconUpload photos with happy clients

    • iconSpecify the areas you serve

    • iconUpload videos with useful information

    • iconShare presentations you have created

    • iconPut a trust seal on the site

    • iconOffer something for FREE

Once the potential customers have made their decision to buy from you we make it very simple for them to figure out what the next steps are (Call you, Email you or come to your store etc.)

  • iconWebsite Conversion Rate Optimization

    • iconSimplify your home page

    • iconImprove the usability of your site

    • iconPay careful attention to your headline

    • iconUpload photos with happy clients

    • iconMake website responsive it should work on Cell Phones and Tablets as well

    • iconUse high-quality images

    • iconUse bullet points to outline benefits

    • iconAdd a phone number to your site

    • iconPut a video on your home page

    • iconInclude subscriber or social-media follower counts

    • iconUse logos of brand names that you have worked for

    • iconAdd a phone number to your site

    • iconUse simple newsletter email subscribe field

    • iconHave contact form on each page

    • iconReduce the number of fields in your forms

    • iconTest your contact form for errors

    • iconDont use complicates captcha

    • iconKeep Distractions to a Minimum

    • iconTry to reduce or remove risk from signing up

    • iconHave Clear Calls to Action

    • iconDo not force users to sign up in order to buy

    • iconUse words like no credit cardĀ required

    • iconOffer free shipping if possible

    • iconThank you message so that the customers know the request has been placed

    • iconCreate urgency for them to take action quickly

    • iconOffer FREE Trial no obligation free quote

    • iconLive Chat – have someone to answer their questions to handle any last minute questions that they might have


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