Digital Marketing Research Process

What are you presently doing to promote yourself, how many leads are you generating and ROI generated.

How are the results looking like from what you are doing?

How would you rate the present results (below, at or above par)

What is your cost per lead, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost and average lifetime of a customer?

At the end what are your expectations if we decide to work together?


  • iconDetermine your value add

    • iconWhy would a customer select your business over the competition?

    • iconWhat makes your business special?

  • iconClarify your online goal which can be:

    • iconIncrease revenue

    • iconDecrease costs, save time

    • iconIncrease customer satisfaction

  • iconWhat actions constitute conversions

    • iconPhone Calls

    • iconForm Fills

    • iconWalk ins

    • iconBuys online


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