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Affordable SEO Packages India

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Affordable SEO Packages India

Monthly Cost
$199 $299 $499 $799
Keywords 10 20 40 100
Duration 6 Months 6 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Finalization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site Structure Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Checking Keyword Density Yes Yes Yes Yes
XML Sitemap Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster Tools Accounts Setup and Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fetch as Google Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Local / Maps Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Site Compatibility Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Broken Link Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
404 Error Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spelling Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grammar Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Orphaned Pages Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Crawling and Indexing Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Synonyms use Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Pages Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meta Tag Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meta Tag Implementation Yes Yes Yes Yes
On Page Content Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creation of New Content Pages 25 50 100
Facebook Posts 25 50 100
Twitter Tweets 100 500 1000
LinkedIn Requests Sent 100 500 1000
LinkedIn Posts 25 50 100
LinkedIn Email Messages 100 500 1000
Facebook Paid Ads Marketing Yes Yes
Pay Per Click / Google AdWords Yes Yes
Traffic and Ranking Report Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

Affordable SEO Packages For National and Local SEO

While we can provide any of our services individually, usually a package of combined services is best for a balanced effort and long lasting results.

SEO Full Service Plan – $199 per month onwards

A full service SEO package always consists of keyword and competition analysis, and at least two services – on-page optimization and content marketing. A more advanced package could include Twitter, Facebook, blogging, press releases, etc. Check Full details of our On Page and Off Page Optimization Activities Checklist

Affordable Local SEO Packages – $199 per month onwards

Here we have affordable seo packages that will exceed your expectations. Local SEO costs less and works much faster than regular SEO. Top local rankings are often obtained within 30 days. This service includes on-page optimization, maps optimization (Google Maps plus others), optimized link building, local directory listings (not “web” directories, these are special local directories) and basic social media listings. Check complete details here Local SEO Services

Affordable SEO Consulting Packages – $199 per month onwards

This is where we research and document the optimization requirements and deliver a detailed SEO Technical Document so that you can perform the work yourself, and learn the strategy and techniques while we coach you along the way. This is usually combined with or followed by a link building campaign. Check complete details here SEO Consultants India

Guaranteed SEO Packages – $299 per month onwards

Nobody can guarantee rankings. But, we can base our pricing on rankings achieved. We research and mutually agree on a keyword list and fee schedule. Then we do the things that are needed to achieve the rankings. The specific deliverable is ranking results. Billing each month is based on the ranking results actually obtained. Check complete details here Guaranteed SEO Service

One Time SEO Package – $199

These services include on-site server and code optimization, content optimization, local map optimization, content creation, social media promotion, blog management, smartphone/mobile site optimization, reputation management, and more. Check complete details here SEO One Time Optimization

Affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pricing in India

Costs vary. National campaigns cost more than local campaigns. Costs are higher for highly competitive keywords. We have a cost effective program for every budget, with services that range from $199 per month up to $2K per month, and beyond. Flat-rate packages range from $299 to $999 or higher. We offer several payment options, including a plan that lets you pay as the rankings are achieved.

Let us analyze your site, keywords and competition. Then we can talk. We can work out a custom plan that fits your situation and budget.

What’s different about our affordable SEO Packages?

We are a SEO company operated by professionals with 9 years of search engine optimization experience. Your project will be managed by one of the owners or directors of our company.

We are not a SEO factory. We don’t use automated or cookie-cutter systems. We do our work carefully, by hand, to obtain and keep top search engine results.

For maximum flexibility we offer custom service and pricing plans. Get in touch to see how we can help you with safe, effective, white hat search engine optimization.

We Get Google Rankings

Just over 2/3’s of all US web searches are handled by Google, and that’s where we focus our efforts. Even so, our clients can still expect to see similar ranking improvements at other major search engines.

There are over 200 factors that can help or hurt your Google rankings, some obvious and some that may surprise you. If you want to know more about how it works, give us a call at

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