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Finding the Right SEO Company in India just got easy!




We are not just a SEO Company which ranks websites on Search Engines. We provide complete consultation on the SEO Campaigns so that the site performs well on Search Engines and also Drives Traffic and Sales. We do everything possible so that the visitors come to the website, stay on the website and buy from it. Our SEO Process also includes changes required on the website to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion ratio.
Why Businesses are looking for Search Engine Optimization Experts in India?
There is a reason companies are looking to hire Search Engine Optimization Experts from India, either:
:: they want to drive more traffic to their website
:: they want customers to get in touch with them through email or phone enquiring about their products and services
:: they want more customers to buy products from their website
:: they want affordable SEO Services and value for their money
Whatever your requirement is WE CAN MEET ALL YOUR SEO MARKETING GOALS!!
In all the above cases you need to promote your website on search engines through Search Engine Optimization.
What is Search Engine Optimization?
In simple terms Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to rank websites high on search engines by:
:: Optimizing the website for specific keywords
:: Adding quality content to the website
:: Creating High Quality Back Links to your website
UNB GLOBAL offers professional search engine optimization services, we offer services in India as well as across the Globe. Our major business comes from clients based out of US, Australia and UK. We provide Local SEO, Nationwide SEO, Web Design and PPC. We are a complete Marketing Solutions firm located in New Delhi, India. SEO India will optimize your website to rank it as high as possible on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We have a proven track record and amazing customer service. We are available 24×7 call us today for a free consultation.
How Our SEO Services different from other SEO Companies in India?
As an Internet Marketing Company we are passionate about our clients and even more about results. This is the reason we have devised different website optimization strategy for each and every websites as per their needs. Our techniques are different from other SEO Companies in India as it is highly analytical in nature. We first resort to deep search analysis of the website and figure out the actions required to promote the specific website in the best possible manner. Based on the requirement, we do keyword research, build meta tags, write content, build back links and even advise you to redesign your website for optimum ranking on the search engines.
UNB GLOBAL has proved to be a true aid for website owners in harnessing the true potential of the Internet and dominating their market across major search engines. Great Project Management and Appropriate Delivery has been our forte and we deliver fast and inexpensive services at the same time maintaining utmost quality. The affordability of our services has allowed Large, Small and Mid-Sized Companies to avail our services.
There is a reason customers want us to optimize their websites, we spend time understanding our customers SEO requirement, business goals and expectations from the SEO Campaign and offer customized solutions that suits their needs and budget as well.
We quote purely by the competition of keywords and the work required ranking a particular website.
We have been around since April 2008 offering SEO Services to a wide variety of companies. We have ranked keywords in the following industries: Software, Furniture, PR, Real Estate, Photography, Retail, Online Stores, Computer Repair, Home Improvement, Health, Plumbing, Cleaning, Automobile, Promotional Gifts etc.
Our SEO Process – The 5 Step Process Overview
1 – SEO Research
:: Initial call with the customer to understand the products and services he offers and what areas he is servicing.
:: Keyword Research to find out keyword that can generate targeted traffic, leads and sales.
:: Competitor Analysis to find out how much work is required to rank the website.
2 – SEO Setup
:: Checking the website for errors [broken links, page not found, duplicate meta tags]
:: Registering the website with Google Webmaster Tools to index it with Search Engines.
:: Google Analytic Setup to monitor traffic on the website.
:: Creating an Article Section on the website where content shall be posted regularly.
3 – On Page Optimization
:: Creating and Implementing Meta Tags on the website.
:: Optimizing the content to make them more search engine friendly
:: Adding Articles to the website on regular basis.
4 – Off Page Optimization
:: Creating Articles based on the products and services you offer.
:: Creating External Blogs on web2.0 properties [blogger, wordpress, tumblr] where the content shall be added regularly and linked back to the website.
:: Blog Commenting on theme based blogs for traffic and back links.
:: Registration on Social Media Portals to share content.
:: Google+ account creation and optimization Google Local / Maps listing creation and optimization
:: YouTube Video creation and optimization
:: Mobile Website creation and optimization
5 – Reporting
:: Monitor the websites ranking and traffic through search engines on weekly basis.
:: Monthly Ranking Report is sent to the customers about the work we did on the website and increase in the ranking.
:: Monthly call to discuss the progress of the campaign.
Our company strictly complies by Google, Yahoo, MSN webmaster guidelines and use ethical SEO techniques to rank websites higher. The ever increasing client base showcases the effectiveness of our services and places us as amongst the best SEO Companies in India to work with.
What sort of SEO Services do I need?
Most businesses are local and operate within their local area city, town or suburb.
Local Businesses are promoted on their product or services name used in combination with the locations they offer services e.g. a carpet cleaning company that offers services on Sarasota, Tampa, Bradenton and Venice should be promoted on keywords like:
:: Carpet Cleaning Sarasota
:: Carpet Cleaning Tampa
:: Carpet Cleaning Bradenton
:: Carpet Cleaning Venice
Companies offering Services Nationwide or globally should be promoted on generic keyword like:
:: Engagement Rings
:: Diamond Rings
:: Wedding Rings
UNB GLOBAL offers services to customers in US, UK and Australia who are looking for an Affordable SEO Company in India and we have optimized our website for keywords like:
:: SEO India
:: SEO Company India
:: Search Engine Optimization India
Shift in SEO Focus after Google updates:
:: Before Updates: 80% Off Page Optimization and 20% On Page Optimization
:: After Updates: 80% On Page Optimization and 20% Off Page Optimization
The focus now has shifted to:
:: Doing quality on page website optimization
:: Adding content frequently on the website
:: Updating the content regularly: Users should find something new and informative when they visit your website.
:: Getting back links from quality websites and not from websites that are specifically made for back links
:: Making websites for users and not for search engines
:: Create Better Look and Feel of the websites
:: Give users better browsing experience
:: Sharing content on social media platforms Blogging about the new developments
2 major factors to take care of for ranking websites high on search engines:
:: Choosing Keywords that have high search volume – no point ranking on keywords that don’t have any traffic
:: Correct Optimization of the website – it is important that the websites are optimized in the right direction and as per search engine algorithms.
Our specialty lies in suggesting the right keywords to our clients and optimizing websites to generate targeted traffic > leads > sales for the website owners.
Dominate your market across major search engines call us today
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SEO is one of the best investments you can make for marketing your business online.

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